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Posted Apr 12, 2011

SIC Advisory Board 2012

We are very pleased to introduce SIC’s 2013 Advisory Board:  This group brings a comprehensive base of thought-leadership perspectives from the converging areas of major technology corporations, digital and social media organizations, academia, entertainment, and more.  We are excited to be working together to help make SIC a compelling and valuable event for everyone involved!

Alex Garcia, Principal, Banyan Branch 
Barrie Cohen, Curator, TEDxSeattle 
Ben London, Business Development Manager, Hewlett-Packard 
Benjamin Winters, Principal, WINTR 
Brian Marr, Director of Strategy, Smashing Ideas 
Brooke Angles, Founder/Principal, Admosis Media 
Chad Queirolo, Talent Buyer, Concerts, AEG Live 
Chris Carter, Strategy Director, Wunderman 
Chris Monberg, Entrepreneur, boomtrain 
Dan Sundgren, GM of Interactive Media, Intelius 
Jamie Monberg, Chief Experience Officer, Hornall Anderson
Janet Tupper, Creative Business Development, Sunrise Identity 
Jess Estrada, Founder, Fresh Jess Media 
Karen O'Brien, Director of Emerging Media, Wunderman 
Kelly Clay, Columnist, Forbes 
Kim Obbink, President, FILTER 
Kyla Fairchild, Publisher, No Depression 
Lisa Weeks, Marketing Director, FILTER 
Mike Reeder, Vice President of Account Planning, POSSIBLE 
Matthew Wood, Manager, Media Development, Razorfish 
Matt Lawrence, Director of Community, Biznik 
Scilla Andreen, CEO & Co-Founder, IndieFlix 
Scott Macklin, Associate Director, UW Digital Media 
Stefanie Schlecht, VP Business Development, PBJS 
Tim Richards, SVP Sales, AOL Advertising 
Tim Schmuckal, Member, Digital Kitchen 
Tony Hoskins, Principal, Pop 
Zach Huntting, Founder & CEO, Crown Social