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Posted Oct 24, 2011

Seattle Interactive Conference ‘Battle of Geek Bands’ Lineup Set

Seattle Interactive Conference 'Battle of Geek Bands' Lineup Set

Well, the votes for the fifth and final slot for SIC's Battle of the Geek Bands sponsored by FILTER are in: 'Afraid of Figs' will be the final entrant, having won a vote-off with the 'Baudboys,' the undisputed kings of 'Geek A Capella'.  More than 1,800 votes were tallied at  since Friday.  All five bands will compete in the Battle of the Geek Bands, set for Tuesday, November 1 at 8:00 pm, at downtown Seattle's Showbox Sodo.  The event is open to all registered SIC attendees as a pre-show party, with a special performance by The Presidents of The United States of America to follow the competition.  Early registration badge pickup is at Showbox Sodo from 5-7pm, with doors to party opening at 7pm.

The Four Previsouly Selected Finalists:

Band Name: Kirby Krackle
Band Members: 6
Video URL:
Bio: KIRBY KRACKLE is a nerd rock duo comprised of two life-long pop-culture
junkies, Jim Demonakos and Kyle Stevens, who create songs dedicated to the
nerdiest aspects that self-same culture and have performed their unique
style of pop rock around the world. Since 2009, KK has self-released four

Band Name: Half Acre Day
Band Members: 5
Video URL:
Bio: Half Acre Day is comprised of web/graphic/flash artists, a high school
video teacher, and music nerds. We play all original music. We have
performed with the likes of The Presidents of USA, Pedro the Lion, and The
Long Winters, as well as numerous times at KEXP and KGRG.

Band Name: Clutch Douglass
Band Members: 2
Video URL:
Bio: We are a geeky electropop duo from Seattle. Our songs are about
mermaids, aliens, and partying. The band consists of theater geek Rachael
Ferguson and band geek Corey Paganucci. The Weekly called our 1st EP "a
maelstrom of aggressive vocals, driving guitar, interspersed keys, and heavy
drum sounds".

Band Name: Stay Tuned
Band Members: 3
Video URL:
Bio: Stay Tuned is the world's only rock tribute to classic TV themes -
performing everything from a punk inspired version of The Golden Girls to a
reggae version of Happy Days to an Iron Maiden / Styx inspired Gilligan's

Wild Card Winners:
Band Name: Afraid Of Figs
Band Members: 1
Video URL:
Bio: With driving beats, off-the-wall lyrics (“Don’t Wanna Be Your
Facebook Friend”, “I Ate A Vegan”, “Ritalin Barbie) and high energy
stage shows (think: Barenaked Ladies, Presidents), Afraid Of Figs are making
a loud stamp on the Seattle Indie music scene.