SIC x Seattle: The Best Food, Drinks, Coffee & Quirks

A local's guide to experiencing the real (#vanishing) Seattle before, during and after Seattle Interactive Conference


There’s a great deal of intrigue around Seattle right now – at long last, the rest of the nation has noticed us for something other than coffee and plaid! And while there’s a lot of excitement about what a swell place this is, if you’ve been confined to the six blocks around the Bezos Balls, you may not have a great sense of what, exactly, everyone is so stoked on.

Whether you’re a new resident or you’re just playing local for the week, it can feel like everything outside of, say, the Pike Place Market, is a bit of a haze – and most guides of where to go will center around places where burly men throw fish and tourists stand in line for a tepid cup of coffee at the First (hint: it’s not really the first) Starbucks.

So where do you go when you want to see why everyone loves Seattle so much? Where are the frosty pints and fishermen, the grunge guys, the artists?

The truth is, most of them have long since cut off their grimy 90s hair and had to move their families down to Tacoma. But! Let’s not allow the narrative that Real Seattle Is Dead play on too long – because it’s just not true. There are no shortage of cool spots in this town. You just have to know which side streets and shortcuts to take.


We all get stuck downtown sometimes. Maybe it’s just two hours between a meeting, maybe it’s a full afternoon because you’re here for a convention and there’s only so much time you can bear sitting in traffic in a Lyft. It happens! While you’re here, and if you need a coffee, a snack, or an adult beverage (again, it happens!), here are a few of the spots downtown that are great:


Biscuit Bitch

Biscuits are very hot right now and in Seattle and one particularly profane establishment has the goods. Yes, gentlemen, you are allowed to say the name Biscuit Bitch aloud, because that’s the name of this (now) multi-locational wonder. For a breakfast sandwich, any of BB’s locales cannot be beat.

Monorail Espresso

Take cash to the walk-up window on Pike Street for an espresso (and maybe some attitude). Monorail Espresso is one of the original Seattle coffee joints, a holdover from the days when every corner in the city was dotted with carts (yes, carts!) serving lattes and caps but never fraps. If you wondered what Seattle was like in the 90s, Monorail is kind of it.